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Double string shaft wear-free dehydrator
  • high degree of automation
  • Strong processing power
  • Stable and durable performance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • There are many product models and models, a wide range of applications, and many use sites.
  • Small footprint and high degree of automation
  • Small power and high torque, low speed operation with fewer faults
  • Exquisite processing technology and low cost of use
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Product Introduction

Double-string shaft non-wear dehydrator, especially useful for high viscosity and high concentration of sewage; Structure and working principle: The use of twin screw mutual movement and extrusion principle, start-up, self-cleaning and process stability is good, no shaft;

The floating ring adopts an external drive mode, does not contact with the spiral shaft, has no wear, no wearing parts, and increases the shear force to further dehydrate the sludge.

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