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Fully automatic dosing machine
  • high degree of automation
  • Strong processing power
  • Stable and durable performance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • There are many product models and models, a wide range of applications, and many use sites.
  • Small footprint and high degree of automation
  • Small power and high torque, low speed operation with fewer faults
  • Exquisite processing technology and low cost of use
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Product Introduction

one. Product Introduction

Flocculants are often used in water treatment dosing agents, generally organic polymer substances, such substances in the process of dissolution in water, due to its high viscosity, often make the dissolution process complicated, and easy to caking, increase the strength of manual operation, but also reduce the degree of automation of dosing.
In order to solve such problems, Dezhou Xinding Hao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a fully automatic dosing machine XDHJY series integrated flocculant preparation device on the basis of absorbing advanced technology. Automatic dosing machine is a fully automatic dosing system that integrates dissolving, curing and dosing. According to the concentration of the required liquid medicine, the device controls the dosage of the added drug, automatically stirring, dissolving and curing the flocculant, and then adding the flocculant into the treated water by the dosing pump, which reduces the complexity of the use of the flocculant, and makes the dosing process automatic and accurate, and saves the amount of medicine.
Automatic dosing machine XDHJY series device occupies small space, simple installation, high degree of automation, long service life, can be widely used in urban water supply treatment, sewage treatment and electricity and other industries of water treatment, really for users to relieve the trouble caused by drug dispensing.

two. Working principle

2.1 System composition

XDHJY series integrated flocculant preparation device is mainly composed of cabinet, dry powder feeder and automatic control system.

< p > 2.1.1 & have spent Box

The box is made of PP or SUS304 material and is divided into three cells (XDHJY-500 type equipment box is divided into two cells), that is, the preparation cell, the curing cell and the dispensing cell, each cell is equipped with an electric mixer to facilitate the full mixing of the liquid medicine. A liquid level gauge is installed in the dispensing grid to detect high and low liquid levels to ensure uninterrupted supply of drugs throughout the system. There is also a mixer on the preparation cell, which acts as an infiltrating agent.

2.1.2 Dry Powder Feeder

The dry powder feeder comprises a hopper, a feed motor, a dispensing screw and a mixer. The speed of the motor is adjusted by the frequency converter in the control box, so as to control the speed of the dispensing screw, adjust the dosage of the dosage, and control the concentration of the prepared liquid.

2.1.3 Automatic Control system

The automatic control system mainly includes a control box, various sensors (such as liquid level meter, material level meter) and control components. Through it, fully automatic control is realized. — Fully automatic operation, alarm, stop and restart. The automatic control system allows the whole equipment to operate safely, thus extending the service life of the equipment.

2.2 Working principle

The dry powder of the flocculant is poured into the hopper of the dry powder feeder, and the dosage is precisely controlled by changing the speed of the feed motor 3. The dry powder is pushed into the mixer by the feeding screw through the feed pipe, and the electric tropical zone of the feed pipe can prevent the dry powder inside from getting damp and blocking the feed pipe. The dry powder entering the mixer is immediately moistened by dilution water and slides into the preparation cell, in which there is a slowly rotating electric stirrer, initial mixing of the liquid medicine, and then the liquid medicine flows into the curing cell, in which it is fully mixed and matured, the cured liquid medicine flows into the dosing cell, in order to prevent the precipitation of the cured liquid medicine. The agitator in the dispensing cell is stirred intermittently when the preparation of the liquid medicine is stopped.

When the flocculant is prepared, the agitator in the curing cell stops rotating to prevent the newly flowing liquid from mixing with the already matured liquid, which will affect the flocculation effect; When the preparation stops, the agitator in the curing cell restarts to mature the liquid medicine that has just entered the curing cell. A liquid level gauge is installed in the dispensing cell. When the dispensing cell liquid level is lower than the set liquid level, the dosing system is opened to prepare new liquid medicine; On the contrary, when the maximum set water level is reached in the grid, the system stops operating in order to prevent overflow.

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