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screw conveyor
  • high degree of automation
  • Strong processing power
  • Stable and durable performance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • There are many product models and models, a wide range of applications, and many use sites.
  • Small footprint and high degree of automation
  • Small power and high torque, low speed operation with fewer faults
  • Exquisite processing technology and low cost of use
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Product Introduction

Product features
Products are mainly used in chemical, food, medicine, paper, beverage, environmental protection and other industries to transport strong adhesion materials, paste viscous materials (such as chemical raw materials, waste pulp, malt, sludge, etc.) and easily wound materials (such as domestic waste).

Working principle
XDH type shafeless screw conveyor in the conveying principle is basically the same as the general screw conveyor: that is, as a rotating screw shaft, drive a nut along its axis to move the same, the screw is equivalent to the screw shaft, the material is equivalent to the nut, when the screw body continuously rotates, the material is also continuously transported. The spiral body of the shaftless screw conveyor is a thick ribbon blade, driven by the driving end shaft, the middle shaft is not, and the spiral body contacts with the bottom liner plate of the inner wall of the housing (sliding).

Compared with the traditional shaft screw conveyor, the shaftless screw conveyor has the following outstanding advantages because it adopts the centerless shaft design and uses the integral steel screw with certain flexibility to push the material: strong winding resistance. Without central axis interference, it has special advantages for conveying ribbon and easily wound materials. Shaftless screw conveyor Application: XDH series shaftless screw conveyor is used in sewage treatment plant to transport medium and fine grilles with a clean distance of 50mm, such as decontaminating machine grid slag and filter press mud cake. Good environmental performance. The use of completely closed conveying and easy to clean the spiral surface, can ensure environmental health and the delivered materials are not polluted, no leakage. Large torque, low energy consumption. Because the screw has no shaft, the material is not easy to plug, the discharge port is not blocked, so it can operate at a lower speed, smooth transmission, and reduce energy consumption. Torque up to 4000N/m. The throughput is large. The conveying capacity is 1.5 times that of a traditional shaft screw conveyor of the same diameter. Conveying distance is long. Single conveyor length up to 60 meters. And according to the needs of users, the use of multi-level series installation, ultra-long distance conveying materials. Can work with mobility. The mobile shaftless screw conveyor developed and produced by our company can work flexibly and has multiple uses. Both bottom discharge and end discharge are available. With special lining plate, the machine can work at high temperature. Compact structure, space saving, beautiful appearance, easy operation, economic and durable.

Shaftless screw conveyor compared with the traditional shaftless screw conveyor, due to the use of centerless shaft, hanging bearing design, the use of a certain flexibility of the overall steel screw push material, so it has the following outstanding advantages: 1, screw has super wear resistance and durability, long service life.
2, strong winding resistance: no central axis interference, for the conveyor belt, easy to wind materials have special advantages, to prevent congestion caused by accidents.
3, good environmental performance: the use of fully closed transport and easy to clean the spiral surface, can ensure environmental health and the material is not polluted, no leakage.
4, large torque, low energy consumption: because the screw has no shaft, the material is not easy to plug, so it can run at a lower speed, smooth transmission, reduce energy consumption.
5, large throughput: throughput is 1.5 times of the traditional shaft conveyor of the same diameter, up to 40m3/h. The conveying distance is long, up to 25 meters, and can be installed according to the needs of users, using multi-level series installation, ultra-long distance conveying materials.
6, compact structure, easy to operate, economic and durable, less maintenance.

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