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Electric sludge bucket
  • high degree of automation
  • Strong processing power
  • Stable and durable performance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • There are many product models and models, a wide range of applications, and many use sites.
  • Small footprint and high degree of automation
  • Small power and high torque, low speed operation with fewer faults
  • Exquisite processing technology and low cost of use
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Product Introduction

One use:
Electric mud hopper is mainly used for the accumulation and storage of mud cake of dewatering equipment such as stacked spiral sludge dewatering machine, as well as the storage of other particles and solids, so as to facilitate centralized one-time unloading and transportation.

Two electric mud bucket structure and principle:
The main components of the electric mud hopper are mud storage hopper, movable door, electric push rod and control box. The principle of the following figure: the main component of the electric mud bucket is the electric push rod, and the quality of the electric push rod is directly related to the quality of the electric mud bucket. It is a reciprocating motion of the electric drive device, through the two ends of the stroke switch to control the size of its stroke, to achieve the purpose of the movable door switch.

Three electric mud hopper Model Description Four electric mud hopper Features:
1, according to user needs can use a variety of anticorrosion, such as asphalt anticorrosion, FRP anticorrosion, lining rubber anticorrosion, lining plastic anticorrosion. Long life.
2, with manual, automatic and remote control needs to meet the requirements of the site.
3, the closing and opening of the mud hopper door can be controlled by electric, pneumatic and hydraulic according to user requirements. Simple operation, stable and reliable operation without noise.

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