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Skid-mounted sludge dewatering container
  • high degree of automation
  • Strong processing power
  • Stable and durable performance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • There are many product models and models, a wide range of applications, and many use sites.
  • Small footprint and high degree of automation
  • Small power and high torque, low speed operation with fewer faults
  • Exquisite processing technology and low cost of use
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Product Introduction
The skid type sludge dewatering container can be used according to the needs of the site, the required equipment can be intensified in a pallet or a container, the site only needs to connect the pipeline and the main power supply can work normally, without on-site installation, building platforms and houses, vehicles can also be used to pull to the required place for work, multiple intermittent operation of the site common a set of equipment, The cost of on-site installation, operation, maintenance and equipment purchase is greatly reduced.

Skid-mounted sludge dewatering collection mainly includes: container, crude filtration, sludge conveying pump, dosing machine, pharmaceutical conveying pump, sewage collection box, sludge dewatering machine, generator, filtrate purification unit, etc., can be freely combined according to the needs of the site.








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